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Super Affiliate Masterclass Update

It is now almost a year since I taught my affiliate marketing system as part of the Super Affiliate Masterclass. People often ask me if the method still works, if there are any changes required with the latest Google Penguin Update, if Affiliate Marketing is still a good way to earn money etc.

I just checked the latest stats of the live case study site I built during the 8 week masterclass and the results are interesting (Super Affiliate Masterclass members get full details about the site, url, step-by-step how I built it)

Here are the stats for August 2012:

Sales from the main product:

The site also generated $180, $98, $40 and $17 commission from other affiliate networks (MarketHealth, SellHealth and 2 private affiliate networks).

Total commission earned in August 2012: $830.96

Not bad for a site that I did not touch for months and pure organic traffic (no paid traffic sources used).

So yes, the concept still works. It is all about finding a niche with people looking for a solution, connecting with them and then show them how to solve the problem.

Note for Super Affiliate Masterclass members: As part of Super Affiliate Masterclass we had a special forum inside  SuperFastResults.com where I answered all questions and supported people in making their first sale. This forum had 2274 posts in 365 threads. With the close of SFR end of September 2012 I’m currently looking into setting up a new coaching community. I’ll post an update shortly (make sure you are subscribed to my free insider updates).