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One-on-one live Affiliate Site Critiques

Do you have an affiliate site you put a lot of effort in but that just doesn’t make any money or only a little?

As part of me coaching affiliate marketing students in forums and my super affiliate masterclass course I have reviewed a lot of affiliate sites and helped to make them profitable with my proven conversion system. Most of the sites had nice designs, good content and these affiliate marketers were very close to a successful site. A lot of them could be turned into profitable sites with only a few little tweaks.

Imagine doing just a few little tweaks and converting your site into a nice passive cash machine. Most affiliates give up way to early although they are so close to success…. 

Here are a few points to consider if you do not make any affiliate commissions with your site yet:

  • Do you attract the “right” people to your site (e.g. targeting the right keywords)?
  • Do you connect with visitors and build trust (do you really understand your market and prospects)? 
  • Do you provide real value on your site and help people solving a problem?
  • What do you want your visitors to do on your site?
  • Do you have a clean web design?
  • Do you track what visitors are doing on your pages?
  • Do you split test different offers?


If you go through each of these pinpoints you should be able to identify the weaknesses of your site quite quickly and take actions to turn a losing site into a winner.


How to get a personal 1-on-1 Site Review from a Super Affiliate…

A lot of former students have asked me if I would be available for personal coaching. Although I’m pretty busy with my own info products and affiliate marketing business I love helping other people to get more successful. So I thought about ways I can help best…

For a short time I offer a few spots for a 60 minute one-on-one affiliate site critique. I’ll review and analyse your site based on the information you provide as part of the application form. We then schedule a 60 minutes Skype call where we will go over your site and I make suggestions what actions to take to improve conversions and make the site more profitable. You can ask me any other affiliate marketing questions during the call if you like.

Here are some results clients I coached achieved:

Nathan S. wrote: 

“…My Skype Call with Andy – Golden Nuggets …Following my skype with Andy here is the takeaways that others may learn from…

First of all my blog are getting 10x the traffic from my other affiliate websites.


Both websites I made with this program have since made conversions.”


Feedback from Binh:

…I have applied Andy’s teachings to an existing site of mine, and I can already see regular increased affiliate sales coming in every week. For example, I made $139.21 the last 10 days…


Feedback from David: 

Made my first sale yesterday with my review site that followed Andy’s requirements to the dot. $31 commission…

Here’s what Nick wrote: 

“…Woke up this morning $93.86 richer with my first affiliate commission! A sales ratio of 3.4% – one sale from 29 unique visits!

This couldn’t have come at a better time. After several months of workplace bullying and harassment and then being physical assaulted at work on Tuesday I worked out on my job on Thursday.

This has been the easiest money I have ever made online. I have spent years of work on several sites, made my own products, paid for several thousand dollar courses and while I have made money in sales my ROI has been terrible. But, thanks to Andy and James, the dream of working from home is close to becoming a reality.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I followed Andy’s course down to the tee – buying all the plugins, using the same WP theme etc. I still have do to a few more things from the last module. I am ranking on the second page for some of my keywords (thanks to SEO Partner) and I am pretty sure I’ll be getting to the top of Google for many of my buying keywords…

Got lots of work to do. Very excited!

A big thanks to Andy…”

Here’s what Tim wrote:

“…All in all i have to say the course is great i learnt a tonne. The primary benefit I got was learning the techniques Andy taught about conversion optimization, link placing in the money site (to increase chances of clicking through) and adopted these principles of some of my other non-affiliate sites and managed to increase conversions in my real estate biz.

Thanks again for providing such a great course!…”

Feedback from George K.:

 “…I have had a great rankings happen for my site,, however I have applied Andy’s conversion methods to existing sites and had great results. Had my biggest day of sales ever on one website and building a list that is really building up…”


Here’s how to get started…

First you need to fill out the application form. I will only work with highly motivated affiliate marketers who will take action and implement what I teach.If you qualify for a site critique after filling out the application form I will send you the payment link. The cost for the 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching through Skype is $297 (Super Affiliate Masterclass members get a $50 discount and pay $247, this offer only available for a very limited time). The paid amount is non-refundable as I will spend time analyzing your site, create a list of the required action and get on the call with you for 60 minutes.


Click here to apply for a 1-on-1 affiliate site critique session