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How to Track Organic Keyword Conversions

Tracking Keyword conversions is essential to create profitable Affiliate Sites. While there are many solutions to track keyword conversions for paid traffic it can sometime be difficult to measure what keywords convert from organic search traffic.

When you have access to the download page and can place your Google Analytics tracking code on it then it is pretty easy to track conversions of your keywords. As an affiliate you often don’t have access to the thank you page. Vendors using private affiliate networks or software often don’t want to place your tracking code. But there’s a cool plugin that helps you to find out what keywords from organic traffic convert. The only thing required is a subid tracking function of the affiliate network. Most affiliate networks and software solutions support subids these days.

A good example is Clickbank where you can add the parameter ?/tid= at the end of your affiliate link to track conversions.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to track keyword conversions from organic traffic:

Step 1: Get your affiliate link with the subid parameter.

For Clickbank it would look something like this:



Step 2: Install WP Smart Affiliate Links Plugin

I use a plugin called WP Smart Affiliate Links which is the best plugin I found to track organic keyword conversions. It is also a link cloaker.

After Smart Affiliate Links is installed I choose the following options:



There’s also an option to use a Click ID instead of the Search Keywords. For Clickbank is should not be a problem to show the keywords but it might be a problem for smaller network or CPA networks where people might clone your campaigns.


Step 3: Check your stats to find out which keyword converted


This works very similar for most Affiliate Networks like CJ.com, Linkshare, Market Health and also for CPA Networks.



Tracking your keyword conversions sets you ahead of 98% of all other affiliates. You can’t measure what you don’t track. Once you understand which keywords convert you can fully focus all your SEO efforts on your top converting keywords.